Flemish Giant rabbits are a domestic breed of rabbit raised for meat that originated from the Flanders region of Belgium. It has been known to be bred as early as the 16th century in Ghent, Belgium. However, a breed standard wasn’t established until 1893. The Flemish Giant was first imported into America in the early 1890’s, but received little attention until 1910 when it appeared at small livestock shows throughout the country.

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Its large size and variety of colors brought it to popularity, leading to the establishment of the National Federation of Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders in 1915.

The Flemish Giant is a docile, friendly rabbit that is very tolerant of handling. Their body is mandolin shaped, with a slightly arched. They have powerful hindquarters with thick, full coats. Males have broad heads; females have full dewlaps that can be large enough to cover their front paws when lying down.

There are seven different recognized colors- black, blue, fawn, light gray, sandy, steel gray, and white. Female rabbits are called does; male rabbits are called bucks. An adult doe weighs around 14lbs. A mature buck will weigh a minimum of 13lbs, but can weigh up to 22+lbs. It takes a doe 28-31 days to have a litter of kits.

A doe typically has between 5-12 kits in a litter. The gestation period is between 28–31 days. On average they give birth at 30–32 days. The Flemish Giant rabbit can produce large litters, usually between 5 to 12 in a litter.

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