Models-for-Liz-Von-Hoene-Photography-for-Neiman-Marcus---christmasTanglewood Farm has supplied exotic and domestic animals to the film, television and advertising industries for over 20 years. We have dedicated ourselves to polishing and cultivating long-standing relationships with trustworthy and professional animal sources worldwide, as well as reputable private animal owners, breeders and importers. Now we have decided to open our resources to the industry by building this database of domestic animals, available for your needs. If your print, film or television production calls for cats, dogs, barnyard animals or other hoofstock, contact us. Any animal you desire is available for your film production, just click on the link Breeds to see the different types of animals we breed. If we don’t have what you need, we’ll find it for you at no cost to your production. All of our Animal Actors come with experienced and humane trainers who know the animals and what they are capable of performing. Our trainers specialize in maintaining the highest animal care and safety standards in the motion picture industry. Our Animal Actors are affectionately trained with positive reinforcement, allowing us to provide consistent, quality performances. As production-minded coordinators, we offer free budget and script breakdowns and work closely with your production, providing you with professional Animal Actors within your budget.

Our Wild West Town, available as a location, is nestled in the rolling hills of Cherokee County at the foot of the North Georgia mountains, just 30 miles north of Atlanta. Behind the Town, the nondescript terrain can be dressed to your individual needs. It’s a beautiful isolated location with room for crew parking and catering area. (Map & Directions)


  • Neiman Marcus Spring Catalog
  • Traditional Home Magazine
  • “Miss Evers’ Boys” (HBO Original Movie) – Miniature Goats
  • “Ghetto Musick” (Outkast Music Video) – Miniature Horse

Neiman Marcus Spring Catalog

A number of our animals appeared with models in the Neiman Marcus Spring Catalog, 2000.



Traditional Home Magazine

One of our Jack Russell Terriers, Diesel, appeared in an issue of Traditional Home Magazine.