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About Miniature Jack Russell Terriers

The Jack Russell Terrier breed was founded in the mid-1800's in Devonshire, England by a clergyman named Parson John (Jack) Russell. Like many of his countrymen, the Reverend Russell had a passion for fox hunting.

The Jack Russell Terrier was originally bred not to kill the fox, but to cause it to run from any hiding place so that the fox hunt could continue. The Jack Russell Terrier is now more popular than ever as a lively, intelligent companion and a familiar sight around horse stables.

Jack Russell Terriers measure under 15 inches at the withers and their body length is proportioned to their height. The color white should predominate (must be more than 51% white) with tan, black or brown markings. They either have a smooth, flat coat or a wiry, broken coat. Their tails are docked just long enough to provide a good handhold.

It takes 63 days for Jack Russell Terriers to have puppies which they usually do twice a year. Puppies are weaned between 8 to 12 weeks old. Their average life span is 12 to 15 years. Here at Tanglewood Farm, we raise a family pet type Miniature Jack Russell. They stand under 10 inches tall and weigh 10 pounds or less. We have a very quiet , well-mannered, intelligent, devoted companion that gets along well with other animals and children of all ages.

Here at Tanglewood Farm, we raise a very quiet, well-mannered, intelligent, devoted companion type Jack Russell that gets along well with other animals and children of all ages. We do not raise the typical go to ground "hunters" that many JRT's innately behave like. We breed for a conformationally correct pet type Jack Russell that can live indoors and become part of the family.

We have litters of Jack Russell Terrier puppies available in the Spring and in the Winter around the Holidays. They range in color from tan and white, black and white, and tricolored. They have either a smooth coat or a broken coat. The parents stand under 10 inches tall and weigh 10 pounds or less.

We are very proud of our foundation bloodlines. You are welcome to ask for an extended Pedigree and Pictures for any of our miniatures. If you see any you are interested in learning about, you may contact us by email or telephone us at 770-667-MINI (6464).

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